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Forbes is an American business magazine. Published biweekly, it features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. Forbes also reports on related subjects such as technology, communications, science, politics, and law. Its headquarters is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Primary competitors in the national business magazine category include Fortune and Bloomberg Businessweek. Forbes has an international edition in Asia as well as editions produced under license in 27 countries and regions worldwide.

Forbes is unreliable as an employer, with low payment that can take up to 3 months to recive, according to a fromer employee at

"It took Forbes over three months to pay my first check. Terrible communication with editors. Reliably unreliable as employers. Pay equalled out to less than minimum wage."


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"Low pay compared to competitors, promotions based on length of tenure and favoritism, cliquey and petty politics among staff, high turnover rate, very little diversity"

Former Employee - Editor says

"Management is routinely arrogant, curt, mean, cruel, dis-empowering, and cheap. They tell you to not go for link-bait, then they reward link-bait. Certain editors get a free pass on the rules. Their contributor content model is a sham. It's compromised by advertisers. Church and state are one. Here's my advice to management (which I am also sharing here): Expand your coverage outside of your NYC, Silicon Valley bubble. Focus on good, decent, humble, hard-working entrepreneurs and CEOs in the Heartland. Your bias towards coastal elites makes this an imbalanced read. Hire people who are unlike you, think differently than you, who are kind, considerate, humble, decent, who prize customer service, generosity of spirit and good-natured treatment of others. Ditch the arrogant, tech-obsessed snobs and robots."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Disorganized, poor leadership, insular, little guidance or management, no diversity, fear-based culture"


"There is no leadership or respect coming from upper management. No opportunities to advance. Be prepared to be abused and unappreciated."


"Small SF office, Not a good comp plan, not great benefits, management was not very good."

Contract Editor says

"Bad pay, managers don't know what they're doing, style and guidelines change all the time, no training, employees treated badly, no communication from management, no feedback on performance, schedules change at the drop of a hat, small group, cliquish. I was hired as a contractor and they never let me forget it!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"First things first; stop illegally operating in India. Everyone involved with U.S. - India operation is aware that it's, by copyright law, not allowed to operate in India as Eureka Forbes already has it, yet it not only continues to do so, but while also completely disregarding the labour and employment laws. Now where to start. I was hired in a senior position by a representative from Forbes (who actually lied and was actually related to a Forbes U.S. employee with 0 qualifications or connections to Forbes), to work for the website and eventually obtain a Forbes employment. Still not entirely sure how we had access to literally the whole of the Forbes backend, though we did, which solidified the idea that Forbes may just be operating here legally. We were told we'd be given proper paperwork, but I might as well have been working for the mafia as no contracts were ever provided to us. We were actually working, throughout the 8 month tenure, for some unknown payroll operator in Mumbai noone had ever heard of or consented to be working for, though it was insisted on that this was only temporary. Looking back at the nature of this whole setup, you can guess what kind if payroll services they offer. Hopefully the law will catch up, but I still need my outstanding pay. I am still waiting for my about 2 months salary which has been illegally held from me due to unlawful and untimely termination outside the probation period, though that's hardly the whole problem if newcomers are reading this. For quick recap, we were made to sign a bond of employment (absolutely illegal in India), given leave policies absolutely in contrast with the labour laws of India, and were unlawfully terminated without the full pay of the tenure released, even though the govt of India makes the severance and leave laws very clear. Can't blame them though, I doubt the "Forbes representative" in charge of us was any more educated than high school. Let's not even get into how plagiarism was encouraged; Forbes will be swimming in copyright lawsuits if someone actually gave a damn about what they're writing about. Half their website is copied, the other half written by contributors with powers to directly publish with no editorial oversight. Though being a bad content platform is not a crime. I'm still awaiting my outstanding payment, though looking at the advertising content standoff and the fact that Forbes US is so desperate to look towards the Indian market and bend legality as its own content market is us absolute shambles, looks like its dying anyway. Not sure if running against the law to exploit gullible employees in other countries is the answer though. New employees, please, always verify your employers. In my case Forbes was illegally operating through an unauthorized, officially unrelated vendor, even though they can't operate in the Indian copyright arena due to the Forbes trademark being used by Eureka Forbes. Especially people looking for jobs around where they're operating in Mumbai. I doubt we can do anything to a giant like Forbes, but we can definitely keep ourselves safe."

Former Employee - Senior Marketing Manager says

"- People of color cannot advance or are dismissed for no reason - Extensive micro-aggressions that are passively encouraged by the current CRO - If you are not white, you will not be accepted by the sales and marketing cliques - Not entrepreneurial at all unless you're white and blonde - Senior management has 0 PoCs (check it out)"

Contributor says

"Terrible cost-benefit from a money standpoint. Very micro-managing and volatile staff and unclear expectations. You’ll spend endless amounts of time and may well not even get paid due to their high thresholds. I found the staff managing the Contributors to have issues with expectations, timeliness, and sometimes honesty too."

Former Employee - N/A says

"-Management is a mess -Many continuous restructures in order to fix problems across the organization, instead of firing or fixing the actual problem -No career growth opportunity -Management only promotes employees that are incompetent and white - so they can control you -Unless you're on the sales or product team - you won't be treated with any respect -Underpaid because they use the Forbes brand name -Located in JERSEY CITY -Many mean internal departments -HR is useless and let's racism and poor treatment slide"

Contributor (Former Employee) says

"I was a paid contributor for The platform offered me an opportunity to be active in promoting myself and career. Payments were structured on the number of clicks per article. Payment structure was very small so earning a meaningful paycheck every month was extremely difficult."

Columnist (Former Employee) says

"Free to write columns and cover beat. No pressure for production. But role was strictly for developing my personal brand. Pay only for large number of hits."

Creative Fashion Director (Current Employee) says

"Learned new digital formats. Management not prepared travel Overall, the office is and publishing is going through some difficult times as it a challenging and transitioning in publishing at this time.travelmanagement"

Art Production (Former Employee) says

"I was filling in for someone on leave while I was there. It was an interesting place to work because most shared their experience with you.good pay for a job i learned how to do with help.long commute."

Video Producer (Former Employee) says

"Whenever the remnants of the old management team didn't get involved, it was great working for Forbes, and some of the people I met there were the best in the world at their particular areas of knowledge. Also I only ever worked in the field so take my review of this with that in mind... 90% of my interactions were video or phone calls."

Staff Writer (Current Employee) says

"Over the past couple of years the organization has begun demanding much more work from staffers with no increase in compensation. Management is squeezing its people.decent vacation time, great story ideas get good placement on the websitesome editors are quite rude, lots of task-juggling, high stress, low pay"

Contributor (Current Employee) says

"Contributing to Forbes is good for building your brand as a writer because it has a good reputation. I assume because of that many people want to write for the publication, thus they have no incentive to pay people decently. The best thing about being a contributor is that you have total freedom and flexibility. You choose what you cover within your beat. You work on your own schedule and submit stories whenever you please. There are no deadlines. Contributors mostly communicate with editors via email so there have been many misunderstandings and miscommunications that have been stressful to deal with.good for building your brand as a writerpoor pay"

Editorial Assistant (Former Employee) says

"it was a meaningful work experience as a full-time student at NYU. I could learn a lot about this industry and teamwork. Also, you could assume a lot of responsibilities from the start."

Art Production (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work. Enjoyed the job. Only worked there for awhile.good people; made me feel welcome.long commute."

James says

"Steve Forbes.....need I say more? He ran a crappy company that is still crappy!"

bruh says

"Websites forcing you to disable adblock can go to hell, I already see enough ads everywhere in my life, they\'re making me go crazy."

Ed P says

"Censorship is Ridiculous. Unbelievable that this company is actually trying too punish anyone or any companies that possess differing values or beliefs or politics. NEVER again!"

Joseph says

"Now your telling people who can hire who? You are cancelled"

Sawyer Club says


Euripedes Fernandes O. Jr says

"I paid for a subscription to the magazine in Brazil and never received it. I accessed all contact channels without success - total disregard and disrespect. Complaint sites in Brazil are full of unanswered occurrences - they are those companies that don't do what they write."

ryan Connor says

"A magazine that parades as giving business advice and knowledge, but actually just promotes how wealthy the ultra rich are Snd rubs it in everyone’s face . So vulgar! It’s unhealthy for your self esteem to read this stuff . We know there’s obscene inequality and people earning millions upon millions for doing nothing but signing auto tuned rubbish or stripping for a pose ."

Roddythetrotter says

"Horrible site that blocks us if we do not turn off our adblocker program, so they can bombard us with their spy cookies & adware!. Needs to be shut down!."

Wayne Davis says

"This publication, which published an article on AMERICANS TOO STUPID TO DO RESEARCH?, is not fit be at the bottom of your bird cage. It is an absolute joke. Check out this discussion on the Highwire titled AMERICANS TOO STUPID TO DO RESEARCH? Stay away from Forbes"

Yehya Karout says

"Clickbaits all over"

Lindsey Gayle Burns says

"crooked company! lies lies lies! They dont put proof with there stories nor do they care to investigate anything. Most everything they post is a lie and about liars and scammers too! They should be shut down!"


"Forbes has too many ads and you can't use it with an adblock, so use a better news source."

Philip says

"Worst website really. The GDPR request and cookies just make it a nightmare to browse. Totally cluttered with adds makes this unpleasant experience. Needless to say, this review is just a reflection what many other views think looking at various forums. I won't be visiting the site again unless they make it more user friendly"

Pagla says

"Full scam, worst site. Never never remove ad block and never agrees to receive those updates. Such a scam website, surpised still not closed."

George Hank Karas says

"I recently went to and a message came up and told me to remove my ad blocker.The same message kept returning after I selected I have removed my ad blocker. Strange thing. I doont even have a ad blocker. But I do have a extension that removes a web site and thats exactly what I did with"

Daniel “Daniels Parts Depot 603” Borrelli says

"The worst site ever, The ads take over and can't control it, I just read a story they blamed Trump because a couple in arizona took Fish Parasite treatment for Coronavirus because it had a similar ingredient to Paraquin and died, If that's not Biased lying ridiculous reporting? This page is nasty look at the reviews"

Katie Dixon says

"During the Corona virus outbreak I contacted to rent a chest freezer. Received a call weekend before delivery saying that no documents would be signed, no payment required and to stay in a room away from the people delivering. As such I purchased some food items to go into the freezer when delivered. Upon delivery day they now say they will not deliver without payment. All the food will go to waste. Protecting the vulnerable, huh?"

Sanford Mohr says

"I tend to forget that is an ad slave website and I return because the title of an article entices me to visit again. I won't be making that mistake anymore after today. Who needs to be bombarded with video ads, pop ups and generally get harassed with ads? Not me. See ya,"

Fabio Wiesinger says

"After it was sold,it no longer gives the same appeal it had.Wish it stayed in america where it belonged." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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